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CasterShop provides a wheel selection consisting of 4 basic types. Of these one will fit your specific needs and floor conditions. When selecting a caster, always consider the wheel diameter for load weight, floor conditions, floor protection, and whether quiet operation is desired.

Hard Rubber

HR = Hard Rubber Wheels
Specifications: Molded of a special hard fibrous rubber compound (90 durometer Shore A), which is consistent throughout.
Color: Black


  • High capacities.
  • Good floor protection.
  • Non-marking.
  • Will not compress under rated capacities.
  • Oil and chemical resistant.
Thermo Plastic Rubber

TPR = Thermo Plastic Rubber
Specifications: Grey, non-marking soft rubber, easy rolling ball bearings in all wheels.
Color: Grey


  • Thermo Plastic.
  • Non marking.
  • Thread guards/dust cover.

Poly = Polyurethane
Specifications: 95 Shore A polyurethane is mechanically bonded around and through a tough polyolefin core. The injection molded process locks these two substances.
Color: Maroon


  • For use on virtually any floor surface under almost all operating conditions.
  • High capacities.
  • Light weight, but resistant to impact, shock and abrasion.
  • All wheels with easy rolling ball bearings or roller bearings.

Rubber = Rubber
Specifications: Black soft rubber molded on to a heavy duty machined cast iron center, all wheels with roller bearings and grease fittings.
Color: Black


  • These mold-on rubber wheels are standard with steel centers.
  • A soft rubber tread protects the floor and affords quiet operations.
  • The steel center is fully machined, and is equipped with roller bearings and grease fitting.